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WIGA The Messenger

Back in the 80’s I got to know a few elders on Vancouver Island. Through family ties I was able to learn about some of the history of the coast. Stanley Sam and his family who lived in Ahousaht and I became good friends. He was always telling me story’s about growing up on Flores Island and the history of the different Tribes living on the coast. One day Stan explained that every chief had a (Mountain Spirit) that he would call upon when he had important business to share with his village. He called him his “Thinith.” After all the people were settled in the big house two men with masks on their faces would enter the house from the outside. One man or “spirit” would cry out out to get the people’s attention, and the other man would explain why they had been invited.

“Welcome” With thanks we celebrate 25 years of philanthropy.

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  1. Joseph Byrd Hatchitt Smith (aka Joe)
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    Somehow, my wife rescued a NYTOM Hummingbird vest from Goodwill and gave it to me. It gets worn a lot, because I like it and it has meaning for me as I care for about 6 hummingbirds year round here in Port Angeles.
    I was wondering if there was any back story to this vest? I have not seen another one being worn.
    Keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,

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