John Goodwin

Nytom is a Makah Tribal member born in 1948 and raised in the community of Neah Bay. He has a strong sense of family gained from extensive historical knowledge of Makah songs, dances, ceremonies, and rituals. A sense of family helps Nytom understand how the families of Neah Bay came to be and allow him to trace his connections with other First Peoples of the coast.


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The Messenger

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Back in the 80’s I got to know a few elders on Vancouver Island. Through family ties I was able to learn about some of the history of the coast. Stanley Sam and his family who lived in Ahousaht and … Read More

Russian Blue Trade Beads – Early trading on the Northwest Coast

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Russian Blue Trade Bead Some time ago, I thought it would be a nice gift to give someone a strain of Russian blue beads. Not many families on the coast and in the Pacific Northwest have the antique beads used … Read More

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