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Nytom is a Makah Tribal member born in 1948 and raised in the community of Neah Bay. He has a strong sense of family gained from extensive historical knowledge of Makah songs, dances, ceremonies, and rituals. A sense of family helps Nytom understand how the families of Neah Bay came to be and allow him to trace his connections with other First Peoples of the coast.


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Northwest Coast Art Crystal Vase

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Good morning, here is an interview with Nytom for this blog post. Nytom: “I have been busy lately creating designed crystal vases that you may see for sale on my website. I am having fun creating these designs that are … Read More

New Carving Studio

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I just etched 6 glass window panels for the Evergreen State College Longhouse. The 6 panel glass project will be completed sometime in 2019. With help of two other artists, one from Skokomish and the other from New Zealand I … Read More


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In the early 60’s I became interested in Native art while living with my grandparents in Neah Bay. My grandfather Roger Colfax was a kind man and seen of my interest and continued to supplied the books that has inspired … Read More