Waiting for the Tide


Certain First Nations of the Pacific Northwest Coast were great whalers. This design depicts the rivalry between ten whaling brothers. The oldest brother often made his prayers while on a sandbar, waiting for the incoming tide to cover his body. One day, while praying in this manner, his nine younger brothers attacked and killed him. During the fight, the oldest brother vowed that on an incoming tide his blood would find its way to their village. When his prediction came to pass, the people of the village avenged his murder by killing the remaining nine brothers. Many years later, the tragic history of this family was told by the elders at a village community gathering. The great-great-grandson of the brother who had been killed was asked by the elders to return home and take his rightful place among the Chiefs.

  • 2008
  • Edition of 150
  • 16” by 22”

Limited Editions Giclee’ Prints

Each print is designed, vectored and printed by Nytom, this insures him his design, color and size is of his own discretion.

The Somerset Velvet paper is of the highest quality paper possible. Each print is printed by order only, and is shipped flat on acid free mate board and acid free sleeve.

For maximum print longevity, Epson highly recommends displaying your prints mounted double mated under glass. This protects them from discoloration caused by exposure to air and extends the life of the paper and its coating.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 22 × .25 × 16 in


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