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Russian Blue Trade Bead
Russian Trade Beads

Handcrafted Russian Trade Beads jewelry inspired by a rich history dating back to the early 1700s. Each bead symbolizes a sea otter pelt in trade, passed down through generations as heirlooms. Today, these beads are worn to honor ancestry and traditions, adorning jewelry, shawls, and regalia. Each handmade bead adds significant value to the gift, maintaining the spirit of cultural heritage.

Minimum order of 5 beads. Each bead costs $1.00 plus shipping and handling. Plus, State Sales tax.

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bead necklace
Bead Necklace

The necklaces are strung by Michelle Dowling, owner of Sandpiper Trading. The necklaces are for adults and have an adjustable bead on the strain to make it easy to fit the person. There are 46 beads in 3 different sizes, if you have questions or special orders, and would like to communicate with her directly her e-mail is  Michelle has been beading for many years; her color combinations are created by her involving herself with her customers.

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