Tribal Voices


“Tribal Voices” are what I hear when Tribal Peoples stand up and speak. My reasoning is or what I hear when a person speaks, their speaking for many different tribes that have populated the lands on the coast. I don’t believe a person can claim to be from just one Tribe.

  • 14″ by 18″

Printed on Aluminum

I've added another process to my printing skills, it's called dye-sublimation printing. This process, turning a water base into a gas has been around about 25 years. And this is how it works:

Sublimation printing, also known as dye sublimation printing, is a printing technique that involves applying a heat press to a sheet of transfer paper that has been printed with special solidified inks. Once heated, these solidified inks become vaporized into a gas.

I'm finding the process to be very interesting especially with the vividness of the colors. The prints are not numbered like my other giclee prints/editions, but I am signing each print, and dating it, just so you know I am still learning and making my own art, after all isn't that what life is all about, "learning".

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 14 × 18 × 1 in


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