Northwest Coast Art Crystal Vase

Northwest Coast Art Crystal Vase

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Good morning, here is an interview with Nytom for this blog post.

Nytom: “I have been busy lately creating designed crystal vases that you may see for sale on my website. I am having fun creating these designs that are made for curved surfaces of these fine vases. You may see how these designs change a little as you view them because you see through to the other side of the vases. I wanted to share with you how I develop design.

The Eagle Wrapping His Arms Around the World vase design is based on a concept of giving a gift to someone you love. I actually looked at this rectangular Polish crystal vase to see how I could express my thoughts. Then I was thinking about when you think the world of someone, you want to give them the world. This is sort of describing an all-encompassing love for someone. So, I envisioned an eagle wrapping his wings around the world or actually the vase. Then I knew this design would show the eagle wanting to give the world to his loved one. That is how the inspiration came to me. The exciting part was seeing how the eagle encompasses the fine vase which causes a variance of design as you view it from different angles. So that is the story of this design.

There you have the design development story. Just imagine how this vase would look displayed on a desk, resting on a table top, or filled with a fresh flower arrangement. I hope you enjoy my new vase collection. I will be back to work for now. Let me know which of these new vases is you favorite.” Shuu. Peace.

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  1. Gregory P Scherer
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    I’ve seen the vases in person and the pictures just don’t do them justice. The negative /positive design elements require a second and third look as the designs mingle through the glass.

  2. Betsy Buckingham
    | Reply

    Thank you for visiting Nytom’s blog and providing your comment. I discussed this comment with Nytom and we agree that featuring this vase is a challenge that we are addressing. Photographing the crystal vase in a manner that displays the exquisite sandblast carving detail presents some challenges that we are up to. The designs really do mingle and create beautiful shadows as well. I love Nytom’s Northwest Coast Art Crystal Vase collection because of the beautiful design stories that he offers in this art. He never ceases to amaze me as he boldly expresses art through so many mediums. Check back for updated photographs featuring those characteristics that you admire. Again, thank you for your support. Shuu.

  3. John Goodwin
    | Reply

    Hi Elizabeth the picture and your post looks great! thank you for the help nytom

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